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The Sound of the Black Waves by David Favrod

With a fascination for the Japanese tradition of manga, David Favrod reveals how a quick drawing in his sketchbook evolved into a fully-­fledged artwork, La Chute.

8 octobre 2017

After introducing elements of manga to my previous series, Hikari, I wanted to create a kind of “in-between place” where the combination of photography and painting could merge yet further. My new work draws on a number of connections from my previous project: I often find myself responding to images I’ve made in the past. Furthermore, each image differs in complexity and meaning. Where some come about intuitively, others are built on more conceptual ideas.

I’ve always been fascinated by manga. It’s an entire world with its own logic; an alternative sense of reality where anything seems possible. Equally, I’m often struck by the way these comics and animations are manufactured – the worlds they depict are designed with so much imagination and intent. Unlike photography, manga rarely shows what already exists in the world.

15 octobre 2017

9 novembre 2017

26 June 2019

I started digging the hole for La Chute in October 2017, and a week later I took the first photograph. After scanning the negatives, the image was ready to be drawn over, which is the phase that requires the most time and patience – I’ve already spent about 2000 hours on this piece, and I’ll still need a few more to finish it. In my attempt to draw every blade of grass,I’ve been zooming in on sections of this image to the point where I’m now totally lost in it!

5 July 2019

7 August 2019

Published as part of the featured project:

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Antwerp, Belgium

In his time consuming work, which integrates photography and manga, Favrod explores the thin line between fiction and reality.

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