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Curator Efrem Zelony-Mindell on why he doesn’t trust photography

Bol - Buduma, from the series Chronicles of the Lake Chad Basin, 2017, Benedicte Kurzen

A Day with John MacLean


Aapo Huhta: The idea of running away

Namibia Phone Pics, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

A Day with Sara Skorgan Teigen


A Day with Sheida Soleimani


A Day with Lina Scheynius


Collage and cut-outs: Ina Jang shares her studio experiments


This is Collage, But Not as You Know It

Oboy, from the series Radiator Theatre, Ina Jang

A Day with Juliette Blightman

JB unseen 79

Rebecca Fertinel on her award-winning dummybook Ubuntu


Tom Lovelace recalls his first encounter with industrial photography

Machine Study No.02, from the series Machine Study, Tom Lovelace

A Day with Jo Dennis


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