How I create: Alexandra Hunts


Published as part of the featured project

carbon-14 by Alexandra Hunts

On a frosty February morning, we visited Alexandra Hunts at her studio to hear more about her research-driven practice. Her mind, abuzz with a constant flow of thoughts and ideas, sits at odds with her minimally-designed studio space, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

Direction & Cinematography: Robbert Doelwijt Jr.

Edit: Atelier Munkicloud

Title track: Tim van Berkenstijn (Benny Sings)

Published as part of
the featured project:

Selected by
Galerie Bart,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Employing the pencil in its rawest form – wood, carbon, graphite – Alexandra presents much of her research through applied uses of the material itself, in the form of sketches, installations, even poetry.

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