Collage and cut-outs: Ina Jang shares her studio experiments


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Radiator Theatre by Ina Jang

Ina Jang’s work constellates dreamy pastel sketches and paintings, which she cuts into plump shapes and ambiguous forms. The artist brings a very literal meaning to the term “visual language”, treating imagery as an instrument to articulate moods and feelings when words fail. Here she shares a handful of images from her ongoing project Radiator Theatre, revealing the midway point of her collage creations.

Photography is a language that enriches the vocabulary of any spoken language. Today, more so than ever, we are witnessing a tremendous surge in image production but we are unable to digest it all. I believe visual communication gives room for viewers to draw their own interpretations.

The images here are painted shapes that I made during a recent trip to Japan. I start by collecting colours and shapes before I play around with texture and brushstrokes. Then I will pair them with the other shapes I have in the studio and start making structures to be photographed.

I normally paint dozens of pieces of paper and cut them into shapes. The entire process is quite lengthy and unreliable as I can only photograph at specific time slots on a sunny day. I listen to all kinds of music in the studio, from K-pop to classical music; it depends on how I feel.

I’ve been thinking about my grandmothers a lot recently. I didn’t get to spend too much time with them growing up, but they’ve been a great source of inspiration. I have scattered memories and anecdotes that I turn back to in an effort to imagine what their lives would have been as young women. My maternal grandmother used to spend a lot of her time working with calligraphy. She painted a lot of orchid plants, which she filled her balcony with. I made a few pieces in honour of her obsession.

Published as part of the featured project:

Selected by
Christophe Guye Galerie,
Zürich, Switzerland

Colours have always been a huge obsession for me. In Radiator Theatre there is no defining reason for my choice of palette. The decision feels almost built-in.

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