Aapo Huhta: The idea of running away

Namibia Phone Pics, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

Published as part of the featured project

Omatandangole by Aapo Huhta

Aapo Huhta's Omatandangole is about running away. Here, alongside a selection of photographs taken on his phone whilst making the series in the Namibian desert, Aapo talks about how the journey is more than just a physical action, rather both an idea and a stream of thought.

The idea of running away does not relate to a specific destination. It is based on a thought – or an image in my head, which, I was often thinking when I studied photography a few years ago. Even now, it seems that many times when I find myself in a tough spot, I still continue playing with this idea.

Phone Image, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

Phone Image, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

The idea that if I ran fast and far enough, could I lose the cultural and social layers I've been given, or have myself constructed. By doing this, would I be able to find ‘a stripped-down’ version of myself? What would remain of me if all the social and cultural layers were taken away? It feels hard to track down the influences a person has piled up over the years and I find it appealing to think back, to the very origin of this infinite chain reaction.

Phone Image, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

The whole idea relates to a question of who am I in the end, how do I build the story of myself? Regarding my Omatandangole project, the need to disappear meant some sort of a break from my daily life, which back then was changing so much I felt I could not handle or understand. Sometimes you have to go far to be able to observe the things that are close to you.

Phone Image, 2016-2018, Aapo Huhta

Published as part of the featured project:

Selected by
Kehrer Galerie,
Berlin, Germany

In rich, deep blacks and blinding whites, Omatandangole plots a fragmented impression of Namibia’s sparse terrain.

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