A Day with Sara Skorgan Teigen


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Interior Landscapes by Sara Skorgan Teigen

Sara Skorgan Teigen showcases her peaceful, white-walled studio in Oslo – a place to contemplate and unfurl her ‘hidden universes.’ Skorgan Teigen’s creations depict watery windswept landscapes illustrated with words, sketches and collage.

"My mornings start with meditation, followed by time emptying out thoughts from the previous day so I am ready for a new one."

Sara Skorgan Teigen 50

"After my morning rituals I investigate my immediate surroundings in the morning light with my camera or pencil."

"I do practical work from around midday after I have laid down and listened to music for a bit."

Published as part of
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Antwerp, Belgium

Interior Landscape started when I realised that my archive of negatives from the last three years focused almost exclusively on landscapes.

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