A Day with Juliette Blightman

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With Series by Juliette Blightman

Surrounded by potted plants, scraps of paper and miscellaneous objects, Juliette Blightman invites us to her studio in Farnham, UK. Her signature style has arisen from a range of different media and explores particular moments - both banal and poignant in nature.

"My work is drawn from my life so it's important for me to spend time outside, as well as within my studio."

"I like to have plants around - to remind me that things can keep growing if you attend to them."

"I document my life with my phone, and with these images I create drawings and paintings."

"My studio is a place for reflection."

Published as part of the featured project:

Selected by
Galerie Fons Welters,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

My work exposes everyday moments that I think many people experience. I like to bring these intimate or banal moments to attention by refraining from actually saying anything, and showing them on thei...

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