A Day with John MacLean


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Your Nature by John MacLean

A day in the life of John Maclean involves a combination of shooting, editing and testing in his canal-side London studio. His workspace, orderly and linear, perfectly embodies the angular forms and jutting edges that characterise his photographic language.

"First thing in the morning I like to look at the prints I’ve made the day before."

"I have a daylight viewing booth which gives me a consistent light to judge colour by."

"If the weather is bad, I’ll be here in the studio working on new images during the day. Either shooting, or processing Raw files of images I’ve shot in the week previously."

"If I have a location shoot the following day – I’ll spend some time testing my camera and lighting equipment before packing it."

Published as part of the featured project:

Selected by
Flowers Gallery,
London, UK

John MacLean seeks out parallels between a beautiful but turbulent natural landscapes, and the psychology of humans which inhabit them.

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