A Day with Jo Dennis


Published as part of the featured project

Yard by Jo Dennis

Images by: Rachel Morón

Chaotic and multi-textured, the array of recycled and reclaimed materials in Jo Dennis’ studio mirror the decaying buildings depicted in her photographic work. Her recent move from London to Amsterdam has been a challenge for Dennis, whose process is entirely informed by her surroundings – the more shambolic, the better.

"I want to drag things I find on the street into my studio in Amsterdam. The streets here aren’t grimy but people have waste items, it’s just not obvious like in London"

"I love fluorescent colours because I grew up in the 90s rave culture. The excitement stayed with me"

Published as part of
the featured project:

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Unseen Platform

Flaking paint, rusting metal and puddles of oil are reframed as sights of memory and unexpected beauty in Jo Dennis’ latest project.

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