A Day with Gabriel Lester


Published as part of the featured project

Cucoloris by Gabriel Lester

Gabriel Lester’s Amsterdam studio is a silent flurry of activity - architects, film-makers, artists and designers work on his latest project. Drawing on the vocabulary of cinema, Lester weaves narratives across an apparently limitless number of mediums, which propose different ways of relating to the world.

"I am usually the first to arrive at 9.30am."

"My team consist of other artists, architects, filmmakers and designers - and we all share this studio."

"The first hour we all work on what was left the day before - emails, designs, edits, making artworks etc."

"We work in silence, apart from those who like to listen to music with headphones."

"At 5pm I leave after I have received feedback from each person in the studio, in order to examine new possibilities."

Published as part of
the featured project:

Selected by
Galerie Fons Welters,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After discovering the transformative effect of a theatrical device called a Cucoloris, Gabriel illuminates old works of art, appropriating them beyond their original forms.

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