A Day with Femke Dekkers


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Turning the Corner by Femke Dekkers

Led by process, a day in Femke Dekkers’ practice never looks the same, where action organically leads to another action without distinct aims or timelines. Whether working at her permanent studio in Breda, or across a variety of temporary spaces, Femke’s work is always intrinsically related to the space she occupies.

"'I really enjoy working in temporary spaces. New space is always new input.'"

"'This little room is a frame to work within. Normally the camera is the frame but now it's this room. So in a way, the space becomes the frame.'"

"'My work is really process-based. I will move between the set I'm building, painting and altering my camera as the view point. It’s a constant movement. Making, looking through the camera, making, looking again.'"

"'Mess, or the state of the studio in the middle of a process can be inspiring when I return the next day, so I like leaving the studio in this state at the end of the day.'"

Images by Kris Kozlowski

Published as part of the featured project:

Selected by
Galerie Bart,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In the world of Femke Dekkers, the dynamism of installations and the flatness of photographs give rise to new illusions of space – where sculpture and painting freely mix.

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