A Day with Awoiska van der Molen


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Am Schwarzen Himmelsrund by Awoiska van der Molen

A day in the life of Awoiska van der Molen is anything but dull. Her studio, flooded by natural light and pulsing to the sounds of The Rolling Stones and Duke Ellington, is the beating heart of all image production – a stark contrast to the intense and muted tones of her black and white photography.

"The radio is always on, I am a complete news addict. The quietness in my work is the total opposite to my curiosity for stories from around the world."

"I like the high ceiling of my studio. This space above my head gives me room to fantasise and think big."

"In summer the tap water is too warm to develop film at the right temperature and in winter it's too cold. I always have to juggle with ice or heated water."

"Next door a bass player teaches three times a week. She is so lovely that I can even tolerate the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes that the kids are endlessly practising."

Published as part of
the featured project:

Selected by
Annet Gelink Gallery,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I sink into a kind of nothingness when in complete solitude. In this calm state of being the senses are more receptive to everything that’s actually invisible: the energy of a place.

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