2019 #8

Sunset Garden

by Jacques Brun

Selected by
Unseen Platform


Selected by Unseen Platform

Through romantic imagery and fictitious storytelling, Jacques Brun’s Sunset Garden offers a rich and seductive depiction of nature.

A vision of hazy sunsets, lazy afternoons and succulent fruits, freshly plucked from a tree – Jacques Brun’s Sunset Garden evokes gut-wrenching nostalgia for summers gone. As with all the artist’s work, the project offers a romantic take on the world, seeking reprieve from the reality of our everyday – a planet damaged beyond repair. As if to restore our connection to Earth, Sunset Garden offers an alternate reality, a rich and seductive depiction of nature. We envision Eden, an untainted paradise. ‘My quest is to search for an ideal that refers directly to nature. Mysteries, utopias and dreams need to resurface. I want to speak in a language without concrete words but with emotional imagination.’

The artist’s visual language is perhaps best defined by his sensitive treatment of light. In Sunset Garden, it is always dusk and always dawn. Every image is overlaid with a dreamlike sheen; colour bleeds into the frame, enriching the materials, fruits and corals depicted. ‘Light is my clay. It has its own language, which can be learned and unlearned.’

Without movement, context, dimension, beginning or end, photographic representation is an imperfect medium for fully coherent storytelling. But it is within these inadequacies that Jacques finds opportunities to invent fictional stories and non-linear narratives. In Sunset Garden we follow the journey of an unnamed girl who exists between two worlds: reality and imaginary. Her journey takes her through wild, tranquil landscapes in a dreamlike state, with no clear beginning or end. The story takes further shape in poetry, serving as a textual aid to supplement the image series. Though a firm believer in the expression “a picture speaks a thousand words”, poetry, to Jacques, can open up doors to greater meaning, and reaches higher echelons of artistic expression. ‘Poetry goes directly to your soul. It gives you the tools to read the pictures differently.’

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Photo of Sunset Garden by Jacques Brun

Photo of Sunset Garden by Jacques Brun

Photo of Sunset Garden by Jacques Brun

Photo of Sunset Garden by Jacques Brun

Jacques Brun

Paris, FR

IMG 2182

Jacques Brun

Paris, FR

Jacques Brun’s (b.1992, France) practice and visual language is recognisable for its romanticised, idealised depictions of nature and the surrounding world. Combining myth and fictitious narratives, the artist creates images with a dreamlike quality, aspiring to restore our connections to the earth. Jacques graduated from ECAL in 2015 and now lives and works in Paris as an artist and commercial photographer.

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