2018 #51


by Marleen Sleeuwits

Selected by
LhGWR Gallery

Interior no 52 from the series Laying Bare the Fictional Side 2018 Marleen Sleeuwits Lh GWR

Selected by LhGWR Gallery

"My process centres around found materials, bundling together tube-lights and electrical cables; insulation blocks are melded with foil, foam polystyrene blocks, carpet tiles to create large, erratic installations."


Interiors is an ongoing work that I have developed over the last 10 years. I have always been hugely inspired by places that are characterised by a lack of individuality and character, such as tower blocks, waiting areas at airports or abandoned corridors of hotels. Since 2014, I have worked prtimarily in vacant office buildings where I manipulate and transform space. My process centres around found materials, bundling together tube- lights and electrical cables; insulation blocks are melded with foil, foam polystyrene blocks, carpet tiles to create large, erratic installations. Sculpture add a secondary dimension, inviting you to touch, to explore. In my latest images I have used photographs of pipes, floors, bricks and tubelights and other tube-like substances as a wallpaper-collage. My aim is to make you feel detached from your usual grip on reality. I like to play with perception, creating an unreal quality which seems to exist between two and three-dimensional worlds.


All of the rooms I shoot in are located in the Hague. After the financial crises of the past decade there were so many offices standing empty, especially horrible, brutalist buildings from the 1970s. No one wanted to rent them so they were given to young artists or small, independent businesses. It was a good opportunity for me to experiment with this way of working without going bankrupt!


To keep things interesting, my work keeps changing in form. Occasionally I start with a very clear idea, but often I just begin with something instinctive like cutting through a wall. If that initial move goes well I keep going until something magical or unexpected takes shape. After that I take the photos with an analogue 8 x 10 inch camera. I try and use digital intervention only for colour corrections, but sometimes the whole images is altered. Even though these rooms are barren and grey, I feel a strong attraction to them. My use of bright, sparkly colours shape an aesthetic immersion, which contrasts with the impersonality of the original space. I’m satisfied if people don’t know whether to love or hate my work.

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Interior no 54

Interior no 54

Photo of Interiors by Marleen Sleeuwits

Interior no 53

Interior no 53

Marleen Sleeuwits

The Hague, NL

Portrait sleeuwits

Marleen Sleeuwits

The Hague, NL

Primarily working within abandoned offices, Marleen Sleeuwits (b. 1980, the Netherlands) creates colourful, immersive installations which operate on the boundary of two and three dimensionality. After stripping a room down to its bare components she then re-assembles it using a variety found, on-site materials, including fluorescent tubes, paper towels, laminate, and tape. Following her study at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, she earned her Master’s in Photography at St. Joost, Breda in 2005. In 2016, Sleeuwits launched her first major monograph On the Soft Edge of Space. Her work is represented in the collections of numerous institutions including the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the Museum het Valkhof and de Groen Fine Art Collection.

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