2018 #50

Four Seasons

by Anastasia Samoylova

Selected by
Unseen Platform

Winter 1 Anastasia Samoylova Julie Saul Gallery

Selected by Unseen Platform

Four Seasons is founded on a good dose of irony already so I thought proposing a seasonal theme in a place that has really only one season would extend this.


I live and work in Miami, and this work slightly rebels against the perceived image of the city. Miami’s tropical iconography is precipitated through the abundant imagery that graces the city’s facades and billboards; it’s economy is deeply dependent on vacation real estate and tourism so a carefully designed image as a glamorous paradise plays a big role in the city’s survival. However, the city has to parallel this with adapting to changes brought about by the global economy and climate change; Four Seasons is a playful metaphor for change.


The act of photographing has become synonymous with experiencing life. While the number of images has increased exponentially with the development of accessible imaging technology, the types of images largely haven’t changed over the past century. What has changed is the number of images which adhere to certain compositional formulas within each pictorial genre. Natural landscape imagery is an obvious example. With the abundance of such images existing in stock libraries online, I am more intrigued by the possibility of finding these a new context and meaning in my tableaux than creating new photographs.


Back in Moscow, where I am from, I studied Architecture and Interiors. Part of my routine at university was to document with a camera the paper models of the buildings I designed and this was my first experience with photography’s ability to transform space and create illusions of scale. Photographic images are undeniably constructed, so the sculpted material prints in my tableaux act as analogies for the inherent assembled nature of the medium. In the future, I’m hoping to build environments at full human scale, making them fully immersive.


Four Seasons is founded on a good dose of irony already so I thought proposing a seasonal theme in a place that has really only one season would extend this. The view of the ocean and palm trees that I see daily were the views I used to dream about in Moscow’s winter but that view was based on postcards and not on real experience. In the context of a waiting room of an Emergency Department where this work will be shown, I aim to give viewers their own vistas for thought, and hopefully an occasion to reflect upon the image saturated world.

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Autumn 1

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from the series Four Seasons, Anastasia Samoylova

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from the series Four Seasons, Anastasia Samoylova

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Spring 1

from the series Four Seasons, Anastasia Samoylova

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Anastasia Samoylova

Miami, US

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Anastasia Samoylova

Miami, US

Anastasia Samoylova’s (b. 1984, Russia) defined visual language both challenges and submits to conventional ideas of beauty within natural environments. Whilst the endless archives of the internet act as the dominant source of material for Samoylova, her work equally critiques the consumerist perceptions that such digital contexts precipitate. Printed stock images are manipulated into colourful, sculptural tableaus where the viewer is confronted with an abundance of abstracted and idealised landscapes. These fragmented constructions present new readings on the sublime, shaping a vibrant dialogue that questions the conventions of photography in the natural world.

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