Randa Mirza & Lara Tabet

Beirut, LB

Randa Mirza (b. 1978, Lebanon) disrupts binaries and archetypes. Normalised discourses are usurped by a refreshing and reflective perspective. Alternatively emphasising and playing down gendered differences, she is able to expertly toy with our preconceptions. Lara Tabet’s(b. 1983, Lebanon) dark, affronting imagery takes a voyeuristic gaze of the human body. The composition and presentation of her probing work reference her background in pathology. She contemplates the relationship between the individual and public/private space in connection to identity, inspecting the legacy of trauma. Tabet and Mirza’s most recent project - End to End Encrypted - is their first shared venture. It charts a long distance, online relationship between two female photographers.


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