Celine Bodin

London, GB

Characterised by an uneasy relationship with established notions of gender and identity, Céline Bodin’s (b. 1990, France) soft focused photographs explore the canonised female body in Western culture. Her subjects re-enact the convention of ‘the nude’ established by Old Masters and 19th century painters, perpetuating a discourse between these images and the pressures of contemporary beauty standards. Historical research has led her to instances of reclamation; a series of intricate women’s hairstyles - from a 16th century Elizabethan wig to a shaved punk scalp - capture a narrative of cultural customs and self-expression. Reflecting on a virtual world which bombards us with imagery of presupposed ideals, Bodin seeks out discrepancy and authenticity by revealing the formatting of our eye’s associative aptitude and the visual fantasises projected onto anonymous bodies.


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